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What is ePriority?

ePriority® is a high-volume email and text messaging service used by customers of SS&C Technology's customer communications segment to deliver notifications to their end customers. ePriority® provides email, secure email and SMS messaging services. ePriority® is owned and operated by SS&C Technologies.

Questions About the Service?

Customers of SS&C Technologies should contact their Client Services representative directly. For other inquiries, e-mail us at: support@epriority.com

Anti-Spam Statement

ePriority supports responsible e-mail communications and prohibits the use of the ePriority® service to send unsolicited commercial mailings (i.e., Spam). ePriority® will investigate any reports of Spam and take appropriate steps to eliminate spamming through our service. If you believe you have received Spam from the ePriority® service, contact us at abuse@epriority.com

What is Spam?
Spam is generally defined as unsolicited commercial email sent to a recipient who has not previously provided their consent to receive e-mail communications from the sender.

What is not Spam?
E-mails sent by an organization to a recipient about a service for which the recipient has previously requested information or to be notified about is not considered Spam. However, the sender must provide a mechanism for recipients to remove themselves (i.e., opt out) from future e-mails.

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